Science Experiments

Today, I had a talk with my younger brother’s peer. He told me that he absolutely hated doing science experiments. He said he hated wearing safety goggles, hated the silly gloves they had to wear, and even hated how much time experiments take up. It was surprising to me because while I was in school, I loved doing science experiments.

I asked him what he would change if it were up to him. Although he said some things that should never be changed, like skipping all the “boring safety rules,” he did share some interesting ideas. He said that maybe if he had a choice between how he wanted to approach the experiment, that he would be more interested in what the class was doing. I don’t believe that this is not an impossible idea. I believe that teachers would be better off making this possible, since the students would be more involved.

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Here you can find great ways to keep children involved in the classroom. Keeping student’s interest is extremely important.


One thought on “Science Experiments

  1. Discovery science, where students are handed (non-toxic, non-explosive) items and told to sort them five different ways, can be really fun: what floats vs. what sinks…what is magnetic vs. what isn’t…you do get the occasional what sticks to the wall when you throw it vs. what bounces, however.


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