Encouraging Creativity

imageLike Daywalt and Jeffers reveal, children are expected to know that water is for the blue crayon, grass is for the green, and the sun is always yellow. Young children think that because this is the way the world is seen, then they should not risk making changes for the sake of their grade. Well yeah… but what ever happened to pure and encouraged creativity? Why can’t the ocean be orange? Why can’t the sun shine bright green while the pink stick figures play with their purple dog? Why not? The significance of creativity is often bypassed by teachers and their red -5’s.

There actually is a negative side of telling children that what they choose to create while drawing, coloring, or painting is wrong. Creativity is prevented when teachers tell their children to color objects the “correct” color. So allow the orange oceans, the green suns, and even the purple dogs…

images (2)

…because what is the world without creativity?



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