Feeling Safe in the Classroom

Young children are constantly growing. They are learning new things, seeing new sights, and feeling new emotions. Students feel emotions like nervousness, anxiety, and even fear. For this reason, the classroom environment needs to be comfortable for the student. A teacher can help create a safe atmosphere by exhibiting nurture, comforting students, and showing interest in how they feel.


There are so many ways to create a safe learning environment for children.

As a parent and a teacher, I feel a great obligation to make sure children in my classroom feel safe. I would hope that my own daughter feels safe while at school. It would bring me great comfort to know that my daughter’s teacher aims to make the learning environment safe for her whole class. I see students in my classroom the same way, I would hope that they feel safe and make sure that they know that I care.


One thought on “Feeling Safe in the Classroom

  1. The only recurring nightmare my son has had? A school shooter, thanks to the lockdown drills done regularly. In kindergarten, he was so convinced that there had been an intruder the previous day that I had to drive him to school, take him to the front office, and have the principal promise him that he really had just dreamed about a shooter. Ugh.


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