Being a Teacher at Home

As an educator, I take great pride in my students. I love when they grasp a concept after my instruction. I love when they are able to explain topics in their own words. I even love when they take comprehension to another level and ask in-depth questions.

If you think I am a crazy proud teacher, you would think I am the president of crazy proud mothers. untitled (10)

Being a teacher means that I recognize and influence learning. So when my daughter counts to five, or says “the sun is yellow,” or even points to her nose when asked, I gloat.

I believe that I enjoy teaching in the classroom just as much as I enjoy teaching at home. I just naturally love when children exhibit knowledge and understanding. It is important to me that I remember my role as an educator is more than just a career. It is something that I bring home with me each and every day.  

Here is one of my favorite sites of fine motor activities for infants and toddlers. These activities influence skills such as picking up small objects, holding a spoon, and picking up small toys.


One thought on “Being a Teacher at Home

  1. YES to fine motor skills! Ask any kindergarten teacher how many children arrive on day 1 not knowing how to hold a crayon (and how many can already do multiplication, but that’s another issue).


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